Solids Handling

“Solids Handling – from Fundamental Theory to Practical Applications”


This course offers a practical approach to tackle solids handling problems, from properly designing the equipment to systematically analyze operational problems for troubleshooting. It covers both bulk powders and solids in fluid. The course begins with an overview of the fundamental theories behind the physical phenomena such as forces among solids, flow of solids, surface properties, and so on, followed by the development of engineering models that are useful in finding a practical solution. A number of typical problems in solids handling will be presented to illustrate the approach.

Who should attend?

The course is directed at chemists and engineers engaged in the development of processes or operations that involve handling and processing of solids.

What can you learn?

  。Fundamentals of bulk solids handling and processing technology.

  。Systematic approach to solve problems related to design and operational issues in solids handling and processing.

  。Development of engineering models for solids handling problems.

  。Applications of fundamental concepts in tackling various classes of problems; e.g. silo design, pneumatic conveying, granulation, etc.

Course content

  1. Fundamentals

    。Particle and bulk solids characterization

    。Forces on particles

    。Reaction involving solid particles

    。Flow in porous media

  2. Solids handling and processing

    。Motivational examples

    。A general approach to solving solids handling problems

  3. Applications – silo design

    。Flow criteria for bulk solids

    。Designing hoppers for proper flow

    。Troubleshooting of silo problems

  4. Applications – pneumatic conveying

    。Principles of pneumatic conveying

    。Designing a pneumatic conveying system

  5. Applications – granulation

    。Models of granulation process

    。An iterative procedure for designing a granulation process

  6. Other application examples


    。Filtration, washing, and dewatering in solid-liquid separation

    。Modeling of a rotary kiln

    。Modeling of a continuous dryer

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