Multidisciplinary Process Development


This course focuses on industrially proven approach to process synthesis and development. The course examines each layer of the “Onion Diagram” for processdevelopment – namely, from the inside out: the Business layer, Chemistry layer,Reaction/Reactor layer,Separations layer, Heat Recovery layer, and Utility System layer –in turn, and the key issues that manifest. Guidelines are provided on the available technologies for solving the problems at each stage, the key information required, and the appropriate development workflow. Participants will get an overview of process development starting from the time the process chemistry is invented in the lab to thesynthesis and development of a commercial scale process.

What can you learn?

  。A systematic workflow for process development.

  。Effective use of experimental data and modeling in process development.

  。Overview of design and development of the various aspects of a process, i.e. reactor synthesis and development, separation process synthesis,heat integration and pinch technology.

  。Scale-up issues in process development.

  。The use of modeling and software tools in process development.

  。How to better control and manage the expectations in a process development task.

Course content

  1. Process synthesis and process development

    。Process synthesis

    。Process development and workflow

    。MOPD approach to process development

  2. Overview and discussion of each layer

    。Business and chemistry layer

    。Reaction/reactor layer

    。Reactor-separations interface

    。Separations layer

    。Heat recovery layer

    。Utility system layer

  3. Modeling issues in process development

    。Modeling objectives

    。Considerations in choosing a model

    。Mechanistic vs. empirical models

  4. Application examples


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