Reactor Synthesis and Development


In this short course, an industrially proven approach to reactor synthesis and development will be presented, with a focus on homogeneous and multiphase reactor design and development. The systematic methodology guides the entire reactor development program Starting from analysis of raw chemistry data produced in the lab/ bench unit; to screening reactor alternatives and synthesizing the best reactor type; to the design, analysis and optimization of the chosen reactor; all the way to the development and scale-up leading to the commercial reactor. The detailed issues at each stage of the methodology will be discussed and illustrated with industrially relevant examples.

What can you learn?

  。Critical things you need to know about your reaction system.

  。Workflow for reactor synthesis and development.

  。Effective use of experimental kinetic data in reactor synthesis.

  。Synthesis of single, multiphase, and polymer reactors.

  。Mixing and scale-up issues in homogeneous and multiphase reactors.

  。How to choose and build a good reactor model.

  。Interaction of the reactor with the rest of the process.

Course content

  1. Philosophy of reactor synthesis and development

    。Motivation for reactor synthesis

    。Multi-scale nature of reactor/ process development

  2. Reaction analysis

    。A workflow for reaction analysis

    。Guidelines for experiments

  3. Reactor synthesis

    。Choosing the best reactor design for various systems, e.g., vapor phase reactions,gas-liquid reactions, etc.

    。A workflow for reactor synthesis

  4. Design of industrial reactors

    。Packed bed and fluidized bed reactors

    。Stirred and sparged reactors

    。Polymerization reactors

  5. Development and scale-up issues

    。Objectives and approach

    。Discussion on specific systems

  6. Modeling in reactor development

    。Hierarchy of models

    。Choosing the appropriate reactor model


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