Introduction to Process Energy Analysis


This course focuses on analysis methods and strategies to design a minimum energy consumption process, including the evaluation of the thermodynamically lowest energy requirement of the process. Basics of pinch technology and heat exchanger network design will be reviewed. Examples will be provided to illustrate strategies for energy reduction via decreased utility consumption.

What can you learn?

  。The basic theory and applications of pinch analysis.

  。How to determine the utility consumption of plants and processes.

  。Why certain process modifications will reduce the energy consumption.

  。How to determine the true cost of steam and electricity.

  。What you should know about your plant when making fuel purchase contracts.

  。Tools to better evaluate projects for energy related capital expenditures.

  。How to identify mistakes in your operations that cost you money.

  。How to develop comprehensive energy reduction program for your company.

Course content

  1. Basic theory and terminology

    。Stream data

    。Composite curves and energy targets

    。Significance of pinch

    。Grand composite curve, cascade diagram, and problem table

  2. Pinch technology and the process

    。Stream data extraction

    。Multiple utilities and utility placement

    。Energy penalty

    。Plus and minus principle

  3. Heat exchanger networks

    。Heat exchanger network design using pinch technology

    。Area target (capital target) and supertarget

    。Network evolution

  4. Process modifications

    。Retrofit design

    。Multiple utility design

  5. Pinch technology for multiple processes

    。Analysis of a site

    。Area integrity design

    。Sink-source diagram

    。Total site utilities diagram

  6. Total site modeling

    。Introduction to total site modeling

    。Data requirements for a total site model

    。Unit operations modeling

  7. Total site validation

    。Applications of the total site model

    。The true steam cost

    。Design power plant infrastructure

    。Electricity generation or buying?

    。“Total optimization”

    。Industrial example

  8. Total site design

    。Selection of steam level and number of steam levels

    。Area integrity design

    。Number of power plants

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