Pulsation and vibration analysis service of the pipeline system

Piping system design is one of the major tasks in engineering design, its quality will directly affect the performance of construction and safe operation. Currently, pipeline of vibration analysis is a common problem in design process of domestic engineering company, sometimes the design capacity cannot be reached due to vibration, even worse, equipment could be damaged. How to eliminate and reduce vibration of system is a big issue for equipment and pipeline safety operation. By solving the problem, it will help engineering company to improve the design quality as well as avoid over-design.

Currently, most of the pulsation and vibration problems are dealt with only when they are encountered during the start-up or operation, usually the solution is to strengthen the piping system with extra support according to the past experiences. So most of the solution is "mend the fold after a sheep is lost". How to avoid the pulsation and vibration at the design stage, it is very important to lots of design companies.

CWBBJ provide the technology service for helping domestic customers in construction, production process of complex pipeline vibration analysis according to API618 and API674.


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